With 140 world championships won in the motorcycle field, BRAKING® is a company that brings to the cycling industry its innovative technologies derived from all its experience on race fields around the world, translating motorcycle products into bike products, using the same materials and the same technology. The advantages of this transfer of technology are now even clearer: bicycles have become increasingly performing both uphill and downhill and the brake, in all its parts, is even more stressed and called to ever greater performance. Just think of
the enduro, downhill and eBIKE sectors: bicycles have changed radically in recent years and the components must be up to this evolutionary leap.
BRAKING® has always followed this evolution, and has been doing so since 2010 with the first WAVE® disc and since 2017 with the first braking system completely made in Italy IN.CA.S., an innovative system with interchangeable cartridge technology, derived from motocross bikes. Since then, several innovations have arrived on the market that have each time exceeded customer expectations, up to the latest incredible EPTA STAGE 0 discs for the off-road market (directly derived from our top-of-the-range Moto disc) and the LIGHTWAVE discs, our first product for the road market, with premium materials that characterize our entire range. With the arrival of F.I.R.S.T., our new braking system that represents a clear evolution, and two new pads, specific for road and e-BIKE.
You won’t believe your fingers!

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